The Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center is located at Penn State University, the primary land-grant University within Pennsylvania.  PAWRRC is resides within and is administered by the Institutes of Energy and the Environment (IEE).

Elizabeth W. Boyer, PAWRRC Director
Penn State University
304 Forest Resources Building
University Park, PA 16802
phone: (814) 865-8830

Tom Richard, IEE Director

Lara Fowler, IEE Assistant Director for Outreach & Engagement

Chris Pfeiffer, IEE Information Technology Manager

Kevin Sliman, IEE Communications

Brian Redder, IEE Research Associate

Odette Mina, IEE Managing Director, Energy & Environmental Sustainability Laboratories

Allison Eisenhower, Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Office, pre-award accounting on grants & contracts

Monica Grubb, Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Office, post-award accounting on grants & contracts