Funding Opportunities

The Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center cooperates with the National institutes of Water Resources, the U.S. Geological Survey, and Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment to support, coordinate and facilitate research through several programs:

Annual State Base Grants via USGS 104b.  The PA-WRRC receives USGS 104B federal base funding from the USGS 104B program that is distributed via a small grants competition to researchers at academic institutions across Pennsylvania.   Each federal dollar received through the program is matched with two non-federal dollars, and federal funds are not to used to pay indirect costs.  PAWRRC uses the base grants to facilitate research on water resources issues, to help train new scientists, disseminate research results, and to cooperate with other colleges and universities and with other NIWR institutes to promote regional coordination.  The FY 2019 USGS draft 104b and final 104b request for proposals describe the nationwide program and the role of PAWRRC. For applications from colleges and Universities in Pennsylvania, see the PA-WRRC 104b request for proposals.

Annual National Competitive Grants via USGS 104g.  The U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the National Institutes for Water Resources supports an annual call for proposals to focus on water problems and issues that are of a regional or interstate nature or relate to a specific program priority identified by the Secretary of the Interior and the Institutes.  The goals are to promote collaboration between the USGS and university scientists in research on significant national and regional water resources issues, promote the dissemination and results of the research funded under this program, and to assist in the training of scientists in water resources.  See the FY 2019 104g request for proposals.

Seed Grants for Penn State researchers.  Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment’s seed grant programs foster basic and applied research focused on strategic research themes, including climate and ecosystem change, future energy supply, water and biogeochemical cycles, and health and the environment.  See the IEE seed grant program opportunities.

Student Internships.  The Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center supports student internships through the NIWR/USGS Student Internship Program and the Penn State Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

Other Funding Resources.  Funding opportunities from:  Penn State, CESUGrants.Gov, NSF, NIFA, NASA, NOAA SeaGrant, PA SeaGrant.

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